Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why must we suffer?

Today is Sunday and while resting in bed due to shoulder surgery (a coracoid process decompression) I watched Sacrament on BYUTV! what a huge blessing BYUTV is. It is the only uplifting thing out there on the airwaves. And I mean truly uplifting. But today's meeting was Great!!!! Mark Eubank spoke and if youare from Utah, he is a notorious meteorologist at KSL TV. Of course, now he is retired, but his talk was wonderful. It was simple and concise on our preparation for the millenium.
So many consistently question the reasons why God allows so many bad things to happen to good people. They can't wrap their minds around the fact that there must needs be opposition in all things. Even I feel like I want to run away at times. Clearly, Bro. Eubank said in Matthew it states what will happen prior to the millienium:
1) Wars and rumors of wars
2) Iniquity
3) Natural diasters.
Here is my question to you, are we indeed seeing these three things occurring today?

Why must there be these things to come to pass.
The answer is found in Matthew as well, to prepare the earth to be cleansed for His coming.

What must we do? The answer again from the scriptures to "keep his commandments". That is all.
And if we are prepared, we shall not fear!
The gospel is simple, but it isn't easy. If that makes any sense.

So if you are one of those who questions why you have to go through hard things and see the world crumble, there is your answer. It is all part of the plan. Now let's go out and make a difference in the world, by bringing light and truth to other's lives. Don't hide your light under a bushel but rather share your light and glorify your Father which is in heaven!!

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Shana said...

What true and wonderful advice. Thank you!
I was in Orem today... Troy and Kori are having their baby. I was going to stop by with the kids to say HI, but Daxton started to throw up while we were at the hospital because of the flu and so I headed home right away. Sorry, I wish we could have visited!! :(