Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My purse and what's in it!!

So lar, here goes with what is in MY purse!

Wallet with loads of receipts and cards and some cash!
Car keys
Keys to my office
reading glasses
regular glasses
make up bag
check book
a multitude of pens/pencils
a little book of pictures of my grandchildren

So there you have it, so "how do you explain me?"


Lara said...

You like glasses. :) You are put together and prepared. :)

What I want to know, is how I have so much more in my purse, yet your purse is so much bigger than mine. of course, I couldn't fit hairspray or a make up bag in mine...

queendeni said...

Lara, what it means is I CAN"T see anymore!! And I need to cover all of my imperfections as I have so many!! And spray the hair because it is showimg terrible signs of you know what!!