Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does a mother's heart good!

I just had to write a very short but one full of gratitude post today!! I don't know if that is good english, but it is a feeling of joy to see! I hope to post the picture of what it is I'm about to describe! BUT, my dear two sons, Jon and Nate went over to pick up our other dear son from Antelope Wells, New Mexico as he finished his big TOUR DIVIDE bike race. If you want to see the outcome and watch the SPOTS over the last three weeks in quick time go to and find it. It is phenomenal to behold! It is a trip of perserverance, of diligence, of speed and of awe of nature. It is a trip of making new friendships with good people.
But what really is a sight to see is watching the reunion of your three sons, (wish Lara were there) hug their brother and welcome him. I couldn't ask for better sons. I love them so much! I love their wives, who support them and love them! I love their love of family amidst the busyness of their lives! Jon, gave us several days of his time, work and money to go, Nate gave of what time he had from his work. And also, their two wives get along so well, and LOVE to be together! I know Lara and Sundy would love to be there just laughing and sharing in all their interests and strengths. Each has strengths that benefits the others and they all get on so beautifully, it is a sight to behold. Makes me smile and cry at the same time.
Even though we live a distance apart, and we don't get to see each other often, are hearts are close and love is felt. I think that is how heaven will be. Busy but very connected.
Thank you Jon, thank you Rachael, thank you Nate and thank you Brittany for thinking of each other. That does a mother's heart good!

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