Friday, June 11, 2010


So I have been following this one blog and today this person was talking about the
"it's okay" things.
So, I thought I would put into writing what I feel is "ok" too.

It's okay------to eat candy once in awhile and really have alot
It's okay------to cry in a movie or show that touches your heart.
It's okay------to spill or to make a mess and not clean it up once in a while.
It's okay------to let your children see your hurts.
It's okay------to laugh loud, really loud when something is funny.
It's okay------let the laundry go for a few days.
It's okay------to eat at Bajio's twice a week.
It's okay------ to pass gas, everyone does it.
It's okay------to struggle.
It's okay------to hate ketchup.
It's okay------to not like certain behaviors.
It's okay------to desire respect and love.
It's okay------to have a problem and sort through it.
It's okay------to just be.
It's okay -----to be imperfect. Holy Cow, we all are!

It's NOT okay-----to give up!
It's NOT okay-----to compare our weaknesses to others strengths! Or compare AT ALL!
It's NOT okay-----to put others down especially without understanding. We will NEVER know others circumstances, only God does.

What we really need to do though is
Listen with our hearts,
Listen with our minds,
Listen with our eyes.

Just listen.

No competition. Just understanding.

So I loved this opportunity to be reminded it's okay to have imperfections, and look to the Savior to help us with them! Look UP not SIDEWAYS for our self-worth!

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Emily said...

Yup, IT IS OKAY to indulge in sugar once and awhile! :) But it's not okay to be sick and to miss exercising for an entire week. :( Hopefully, I can make it tomorrow. :)