Monday, August 24, 2009

The fluid changes of family!

Well, school is back in full force, and many things occurred this summer that were life changes within my family! All wonderful blessings, but not without question and reflection!

From one marrying someone so perfect for him to one who is moving 1900 miles away for an experience so perfect for them!

The benefits for me is to go visit and see many different sights and see what they are doing to contribute to their communities, jobs, and wards (branch in Lara's case). It is such a neat thing to witness growth in all of the children.

For another it is buying a new adventure in ownership and another to use his many talents in a job that allows growth of his mind. Each one has something that is hard, yet challenging. Which I know they can meet. I know, because I raised them and their individual personalities and could see the great potential each had and still has.

I am in awe of the opportunities these children have had, unlike what I had. But I can say mine are coming in later life. Those opportunities to choose what they desire out of life. When growing up we had such a desire of education for the chldren and it all started in Montessori School in Provo, Utah. And they all got it and thrived. They all learned the value of hard work with their mind and their hands. We didn't have these things when we were growing up, we had very little and by the time I was 12 I had to buy my own clothes and anything I needed or wanted. Which I will tell you wasn't much.

But, wow, I can say, that during the years the kids were growing up they had magnificent opportunities in school, sports, community and church. So the message I have today is how fortunate they were to be raised in that time and to be raised in a safe environment. Many, many blessings. That is the reflection of the questions that come from the new experiences as we watch the decisions being made.

Great Luck all!

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