Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miss Sophie!!

Sophie is the one granddaughter that people say has my smile! I couldn't see it at first. The first time I heard it was from Mark Neves, one of Joel's great brothers! I was caught off guard because honestly, very rarely do I hear that anyone, including my children, look anything like me at all. Even though I have spent a lifetime staring at them and can tell you which side of the family each child gets one thing or another. But this kid has my smile and my color hair!! Couldn't get any better!

Anyhow, I'm truly very proud that Sophia has a little of me in her! She is a total crack up and since she was born I have always had this inkling to tease her. I believe we knew each other well before coming here and we spent many hours laughing and teasing each other!

She is my Sophia Blake Naauilii Neves! (hope the spelling is correct, lol!) And I love and adore her!


Rachel said...

You have a lot of love for her, good for you.

Lara said...

She's so little in that picture! Wow.