Monday, June 29, 2009

Memories of a birthday!

Look at all those cute faces! This fun night was December 30th, my birthday, and my family made it so much fun. The most fun part was Jon playing DJ and we all danced and sang. Happy times!! This was where I opened an envelope and stood frozen when I read I had been invited to speak at Women's Conference in April. Totally nuts!! But anyhow, I must say, like any mother, I love my children and grandchildren and appreciate their thoughtfulness in celebrating my birthday with a load of fun!! I didn't get all of our pictures taken, I'm not as good with the camera as Lara, but it is what it is!

Duke in all his glory, Lara and Bria snuggling while dancing, Joel teasing Sophie, and Chloe the lovebug, giving Rachael a big snuggle!! We had a blast!!!

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Lara said...

I guess I just assumed you had the first post up and didn't read further, duh!

Totally adorable picture of Sophia and Joel! And everyone else, too.