Friday, May 15, 2009

Mamah TV!!

I just love my grandchildren! I heard from Sophia today, my youngest grandchild who happens to be a card and a half! She keeps us all laughing!! Anyhow, I saw someone called from Lara's home and I was returning the call. I got a hold of Lara, Sophie's mother, and my daughter! Lara said Sophie wanted to talk to me and I wasn't answering so she went in the bedroom and cried. She came out pulled together and said I want to watch "Mamah TV!" The show happened to be on at that very moment and she settled down. After Lara told me the story, Sophie got on and talked for a minute and held the phone up to the TV showing me myself! Isn't that the cutest????
They make my life so full and get me out of myself anytime, any day!

I love you children forever and a day!!


Hilary said...

Love it when kids try to show stuff through the phone.
Or if they sit there and nod. Also amusing.

Lara said...

I love it when she thinks you can see whatever she is showing through the phone. Really funny from my end.

K, so I redid your blog. What do you think?